Welcome to the Math Meta Multiverse™ from Princess Numerica

Our premiere course Conquer Math with Us™ is a complimentary primer included with the purchase of a MATH WARS META Volume1 DIY digital download game bundle. The summary video below gives an overview of the course, product, and game play. MATH WARS META Volume1 compliments the 1st Grade Common Core Math Curriculum.

Hoopla Hoorah Academy™ is an extension of Hoopla Hoorah Studios where we offer DIY digital download versions of our educational game products at discounted prices to unlock and harness your Super Greatness.

The courses are designed to get players game ready to jump into the game as quickly as possible with bite-sized videos featuring game asset setup, game tutorials, and sample game play.

While these game product DIY versions are not eligible for use in official Hoopla Hoorah tournaments and events, they offer exciting game play with Solo, Player versus Player, and Team versus Team game modes for 1-10 players depending on which games and player bundles are purchased.

Note that while signing up for our school will add students to our Users list, you will still need to enroll in specific courses and coaching products of your choice to access our content.

"Turn on the lightbulb, and

unleash the lightning."

"Knowledge is a Super Power."

Welcome to Hoopla Hoorah Academy, your mentor in unlocking and harnessing your Super Greatness. Through our innovative gamified education products and courses, we equip you with knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges and opportunities of an AI-driven future.

Join us today in our educational meta multiverse to embark on this transformative super heroic journey.

Our premiere course Conquer Math with Us is a complimentary primer included with the purchase of a MATH WARS META Volume 1 DIY game bundle.

Additional volumes are currently in development to compliment higher math concepts.

Super Greatness=

Super Powers + Super Skills + Super Sharing + Super Caring

Together, these elements form the pillars of 'Super Greatness,' a holistic approach to education that empowers you to become the best version of yourself while contributing meaningfully to society.

Super Powers

Unlock existing and acquire new super powers

At Hoopla Hoorah Academy, we believe that everyone possesses innate 'Super Powers'—unique talents, abilities, and knowledge that make you exceptional. Our gamified education products are meticulously designed to help you unlock these existing powers and acquire new ones. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, we transform the learning experience into a journey of self-discovery, allowing you to tap into your full potential.

Super Skills

Build upon existing and develop new Super Skills

But Super Powers are just the beginning. We also focus on 'Super Skills,' the practical application of your powers that enable you to excel in real-world scenarios. Our courses are crafted to build upon your existing skills and develop new ones, turning knowledge into actionable skills. Whether it's mastering a complex mathematical concept or honing your creative talents, we provide the tools and guidance to elevate your abilities.

Super Sharing & Super Caring

Share yourself and your Super Powers & Super Skills with the world to make a positive impact

Finally, we emphasize 'Super Sharing' and 'Super Caring,' the altruistic components that encourage you to use your powers and skills for the greater good. Through community projects, collaborative learning environments, and social impact initiatives, we inspire you to share your gifts with the world. Our aim is to cultivate a sense of responsibility and empathy, encouraging you to make a positive impact that goes beyond the classroom and into the broader community.

Conquering the Number Line and Negative Numbers.

Learn about the Number Line and how to use Negative Numbers in math operations with Positive Numbers and other Negative Numbers from this complimentary video.

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